*taps mic* Holy Crap! This thing is still on?!


Hard On The Eyes

When it comes to music, I couldn't care less about what a person looks like, as long as they can move me. But recently, GIANT magazine featured a list naming the top five ugliest musicians of all time that's worth taking a peek at. Check it out and see if you agree.

Now, to me this list (while true) is a bit harsh. So I decided to find a positive and make a list of the top five ugliest musicians who consistently pull hot chicks:

  1. Jay-Z

  2. Puffy

  3. Marc Anthony

  4. Jermaine Dupri

  5. Mick Jagger

Congratulations guys, good job! I sincerely hope you pray every night thanking God for your bank account and/or talent.



Princesses Nubiennes

Finally, a princess with some melanin! Props to Disney for not only putting a black princess from New Orleans in a lead role, but for blessing us with hand-drawn animation again. Enough of the CGI, Pixar crap! The movie, titled "The Frog Princess," (?) will be released in 2009 and feature music by Randy Newman, of course ("Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot...").

Better late than never, huh Disney? But they better do this right! No ebonics or animated extra long fingernails. Definitely eager to see how this film will turn out, and how many will turn out to see it. I, for one, will be firmly planted in my seat on the left side of the theater with my unborn kids. Word.


10 Years

Wow, I can't believe its been 10 years already.

10 years and Biggie is still one of the greatest.
10 years and the murder is still unsolved.
10 years and the music still hits just as hard.

Rare Biggie concert from Blender magazine here

Song of the Day: "Respect" - Biggie


Kill Grill

Last week one of my roommates asked me what a grill is. Not two minutes after explaining to him what those dental nightmares are, a video snippet of Lil' Wayne in a ring tone commercial appears on TV. My roommate's reply after seeing a grill for the first time: "That's ugly."

He's right. I kinda wish more people were like my roommate--don't know what a grill is and have no idea they even exist. It's refreshing to know that with all the effort, time, and money put into diamond dentures simply to gain attention, there are still people out there who remain oblivious.



Ok, I know everyone and their grandma has a blog and this is just one more in the mix. But don't get it twisted! This is for me and my desire to write--about music and such. Now, a little info behind the blogger...

  • Texan
  • New New Yorker
  • Journalist
  • Hip Hop head
  • 24
  • West Indian/German/Swiss/Irish
  • Observer

That is all. More to come.